Travis Beniak

Why am I a Physical Therapist:
I'm a physical therapist because I love having the opportunity build a relationship with patients and to help people move better, more comfortably and more often.

Continuing Education Commitment:
I'm fully committed to continuing education and building on my knowledge base. While its easy to focus on my interests for continuing education, I try to choose areas that will be most beneficial in effectively treating my patients. 

Personal interest:
I love music and fitness. I competed collegiately at the division II level in cross country and track and had a fairly successful running career. Following my collegiate career I attempted to continue training by myself and continue to compete, but injuries and other commitments (Physical Therapy school and getting married) took priority. Since that time I've run a few races just for fun and continue to exercise at a less intense level.

Educational background:
Bachelor's Degree from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD with majors in biology and psychology. Doctor of Physical Therapy from Jamestown College in Fargo, ND.