Tim Peterson

Why I am a Physical/Occupational Therapist: When volunteering at a local hospital by chance I was placed in the Physical Therapy department. I immediately  found that I enjoyed helping people solve their physical problems .The opportunity to continue to educate and help my patients have a better quality of life is the reason I have continued in this profession for the past thirty five years.

Continuing Education Commitment: I’m committed to the process of continually being open to  learn  new techniques and skills through attending conferences and seminars, but also from other Physical Therapists and doctors. I also feel that part of my commitment to education is to be available to help  teach and mentor other Physical Therapists or assistants with less experience. I have had thirty years of on the field experience in sports injuries of all types and attended NAIOMT through level 3.

Personal Interests: I enjoy watching and participating in all sports especially baseball and football. Love to explore new areas of the Northwest with my wife in our “ Tab “ trailer. Enjoy the adventure of fly fishing a wilderness lake or river.

Educational Background: Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy,  California State University Long Beach 1978