Maggie Strazzo

Why I am a Physical/Occupational Therapist: I enjoy working with people to achieve their goals of improving their mobility and their quality of life. I like to work with patients of different ages as partners in attaining their health care objectives.

Continuing Education Commitment: I have taken over 75 continuing education courses. I am certified as NDT therapist (neurodevelopmental training) and I have a certification in lymphedema. At present I am in the process of studying for an orthopedic certification which year and a half process. I have also studied and practiced yoga and I have integrated yoga as an adjunct to patients’ exercise programs. I am also involved in attending rounds at the Providence Cancer Care partnership and work with a number of patients who have musculoskeletal and or lymphatic issues as a result of their diagnosis and or surgical or radiation procedures.

Personal Interests: Yoga, gardening, travelling, skydiving

Educational Background: University of Connecticut in 1978