Payment Options?

In most cases, we will bill your insurance company for your treatments. If a deductible, co-pay, or co-insurance are part of your plan, payment is expected at the time of service. We also have very affordable cash pay programs - Please call one of our centers for details. Additionally, we accept cash, check, Visa, and MasterCard.

What should I wear to PT visits?

You should wear comfortable clothing and shoes. If we are treating an extremity we will need to expose the area. For neck and back injuries we will also need to expose the area. Gowns are provided and we do have rooms for changing.

What should I expect during my first visit?

On your first PT visit, the physical therapist will do an evaluation. This is a thorough assessment of overall posture, range of motion, strength, flexibility, and mobility. After the evaluation, your therapist will discuss their findings with you and then develop a rehabilitation program to help attain the goals you  set together to get back to optimal function. This program will include how the therapist will facilitate improvement (manual therapy, exercises, and modalities if necessary) as well as what you can do on your own.

What should I bring to my first PT visit?

You should bring a referral from your doctor if you have one, X-rays if you have them, the MRI or CAT scan report if you have it, and your insurance card.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment time to complete the necessary paperwork, or save time and download the required forms.

**** Make sure to bring completed forms on your first visit! ****

Do I need a referral from my physician?

A referral is not always necessary. It is dependent on each specific insurance company/plan. Washington is a direct access state for physical therapy. This means that you can access physical therapy care without a referral. If you would like your insurance to pay for physical therapy services, it is important to contact your insurance company to determine if a referral is necessary for benefits to be paid out. If insurance is not available, you do not need a referral.